Current pricing and plans


First lesson is $65   

“The Touch-Up”

-One 40 minute 1:1 lesson 

-Personalized assignments and exercises

$80 investment for one month


“The Studied” 

Two 40 minute 1:1 lessons 

-Personalized assignments and exercises 

-weekly assignment submission with feedback and direction. 

$150 investment for one month 


“"The Devoted"” 

Weekly 1:1 lessons 

-Personalized assignments and exercises 

-weekly assignment submission with feedback and direction.  

Access to group zoom masterclasses

Additional rewards, content, and attention.  

$300 investment for one month


Free consultation/inquiry call 

 **Scholarship form available upon request**

Why this format? 

I believe in creating an experience. The best musical experiences in my life have been through mentorship and consistency. I wanted to find an affordable way for students to work with me beyond one-off lessons. Constant challenges and mentorship keep the spirit inspired and yield the best results.  

There is never any pressure to stay on membership. Cancel any time with no explanations. I want this to feel good for all parties.  

Ultimately I want students who are driven and excited to show up. If you don't have the financial means please have a discussion with me and I can send you my scholarship form. 

Lets make magic, 

                       -Sarah Rogo 

About Me: 

Growing up I spent my afternoons at the public library in stacks of CDs and music books. It’s where I first discovered it all. A self proclaimed band geek, I spent all my lunches and study halls in the janitors closet practicing saxophone, guitar, bassoon, and writing songs. Soon after I found myself at Berklee College of Music with a scholarship for writing and performance. My world was shifted by the mentors that took me under their wings. Soon enough I was going on tour with these musicians learning the road and the ins and outs of what it takes to make it in this challenging industry. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with and opening for some of the best guitar players of our time. 

Simultaneously I was immersed in Yoga, meditation, and martial arts training which highly shaped the way I practice, teach, and perform. I found a passion for teaching Yoga and meditation to music schools around boston. Helping artist find their artistry holistically has always been one of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning


Email to inquire or go to the 'Contact me page on this site